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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more details about the engagement with my client?

The specifics of your engagement are shared when you are first introduced to the participating company. Typically, Joey will share a "Program Planning" sheet that outlines all details. If there are any changes to the program over time, we will keep in touch to ensure you know about those changes and help you adequately prepare.

How should I engage or interact with the company contacts?

Strive will handle all program management and customer success. You should direct questions from the company POC and clients to Strive, unless you can easily answer them. If you can easily answer them, please cc your main Strive POC so that we know what issues customers/participants are having. Your main interaction with the client will be during the onboarding and then for mid and end of program reviews to discuss the program experience. We will organize these meetings for you.

What is the best way to prepare for each class?

We recommend that you read through the run of show and deck, both of which are available on the coach dashboard, and compare the two documents to ensure that they are filled out with relevant information for your cohort. Once you review them once, tailor the discussion questions, opening, and community values to reflect what your cohort has discussed or what they might be receptive to.

Am I supposed or allowed to edit the deck and run of show for the material I’m teaching?

The decks and runs of show that you are provided for each engagement are set up for you to edit directly (they are in a custom folder for that engagement and the company has access to those docs, too). We want you to keep the key lessons, frameworks and activities as they are scoped, but you’re welcome to personalize the material to match your voice.

Where do I find the run of show and deck to prepare for class?

Every class you teach should have a preparation page on your coach dashboard with links to the deck and run of show. The decks and runs of show are housed in Google Drive folders custom to that client engagement and that you, Strive and the customer POC all have access to.

What is the average time I should spend preparing for each class?

Strive recommends that coaches spend 90 minutes to two hours preparing for a lesson the first time they are teaching that lesson, and around 30 minutes to one hour preparing for sessions they’ve taught before.

When should I prepare for the classes?

We highly suggest scanning the material at least one week before the class so you can see if there’s anything incorrect (occasionally we make mistakes copying material) or confusing that we can fix before the class occurs. If it’s the first time that you’re teaching a specific module, plase book a time to prepare with your lead coach at that point to ensure that you can find available time.

We expect most coaches will thoroughly review the material 24-48hrs before the class. Please avoid doing it the night before / day of because we do occasionally make mistakes and want to be sure we have time to fix them in the curriculum.

Who do I speak with if I have questions about material?

If you believe there’s something problematic with the materials, please ask your main Strive POC. If you want advice on how to teach a given module, or how to run various activities, then please reach out to your lead coach.

What are we supposed to do during breakout groups?

Before breakout groups, you should warn the audience that you normally pop in and out of groups. When you get into the breakout groups, we strongly suggest that you share ideas ask powerful questions guide the conversation. Participants really appreciate the active coaching during breakout groups. If you uncover insights in the breakout groups, don’t use identifying information if you use examples in the full group, to preserve anonymity.

Where do I direct students to complete the mid-class exercise, breakout group instructions, and application challenges?

In your coach dashboard, on the page for your specific cohort, there is a link to copy the mid-class information or the application challenge. We recommend that you keep this tab open during class and copy and paste these links directly into the chat for your cohort.

What's the protocol if someone misses class?

If a participant misses a class, we recommend that they read the pre-class reading, class summary one-pager, and complete the application challenge. We do not record classes nor should coaches meet 1:1 with people who miss classes. If participants really want to review/discuss material, we suggest you send an email to the class asking if someone will volunteer to meet with them to walk them through the course.

Are we allowed to share the slide decks?

For now, we are not sharing slide decks with participants. If there’s something specific they want that’s not included in the one-pager, you can send them a screenshot of those slides but please do not share the whole deck as that’s Strive’s IP.

When do participants fill out their application challenges?

Every class run of show should include 5-10m for participants to complete the application challenge. Our analysis shows that application challenge submission rate is highly correlated with program satisfaction – people who actually apply what they learn with Strive end up getting more out of the experience. Given that, please be mindful of time and ensure that you’re leaving time for people to complete application challenges.

Where can participants find their application challenges?

During class, you copy the link directly from the cohort and class specific page on your coach dashboard and paste it into the Zoom chat. The link will bring participants directly to the page where they can submit an application challenge.

For participants that did not complete the application challenge in class, they can locate them on the Skill Playlist. Participants can access their skill playlists either from their homepage on the interactive syllabus (under “My Programs”) or on that skill’s “Resources” section on the “Skill Resources” tab.

What are application challenge “Accountability Buddies?”

Accountability buddies are individuals that the participants select to keep them accountable and provide them support as they apply the lesson in the real world. Participants can choose to share their application challenge with specific individuals that were 360 respondents, and/or they can share with their cohort.

Do participants need to select an accountability buddy?

Participants are not required to select accountability buddies, but we highly encourage them to as that will increase both the likelihood they complete the challenge and the rewards for doing so. You should encourage people to select accountability buddies when they are filling out the application challenges.

What do accountability buddies receive?

Accountability buddies receive an email as soon as the challenge is submitted with a link to the submission. The accountability buddy also receives emails when the application challenge is due reminding them to provide feedback/support to the Strive participant.

What is a “Habitual Application Challenge?”

Many challenges are discrete – “I want to have a critical conversation on a specific date” – but many are habitual (“I want to get better at listening in 1:1s”). We created “Habitual Application Challenges” for skills that require continuous development. These skills prompt participants to pick a day of the week and time of day, and we send participants calendar invitations for that day/time for the next two weeks. Each cal invite has a link for them to reflect on their progress.

What is the “reflection” for Application Challenges?

We believe that people learn best when they reflect on how their application went and gameplan for their next application. Given this, when their application challenge is due, we send participants an email suggesting that they complete a brief reflection about how their challenge went.

What is a typical application challenge submission and completion rate?

Across all cohorts, ~60% of people submit their application challenges and ~30% submit reflections on their application challenge. On your "Cohort Overview" page on the coach dashboard, you can view a Mode chart showing their application submission and challenge completion rates.

What information should we give to executives or HR members?

All of the material discussed in class and in breakout groups is confidential and should not be shared unless explicit permission is granted by the participant.

Why do I need to use my Strive email?

Your Strive email is connected directly to the app, which allows us to set up your coach profile. The email is also used for your Zoom and Calendly, to provide a seamless experience for participants. The email is used for Mode to provide a safe and secure way to share data between coaches and Strive.

When do participants submit feedback about the program?

At the end of the second class in the first module, please leave 5-10 minutes for participants to submit feedback about the program directly through their dashboard. This additional activity may require shortening the reflection or breakout groups by 5 minutes to ensure there is time at the end of the class for participants to submit.

We also ask participants to provide feedback on the program as a whole during the closing session. During the end of program feedback, we also ask participants to grade themselves again on the skills covered in the program and share about their performance, engagement and retention. Please be sure to block 10m for this as this feedback session takes longer than the mid-program feedback but it’s really important that Strive receive this information.

Where do participants submit feedback?

Participants have an inbox notification to submit mid-program and end of program feedback. These notifications should appear in their inbox at the appropriate time; please do NOT send them a link to complete the feedback as that will register their feedback as coming from you.

How is participant feedback used?

Participant feedback collected during the mid-program and end-of-program surveys are used to improve the program, both for the remaining modules and future cohorts. The coach will meet with Joey and the company POC to discuss feedback and improvements to be made. The feedback collected at the end of the program is used to improve the Strive program for all cohorts, and guides us in future product and program decisions.

Is there a way that my changes can be added to the master document for future coaches? What's the process for giving feedback for requested changes in the Run of Show + Slide Deck?

If you have any changes to the material that you think we should consider incorporating universally, we would love to hear! Please let us know in your post-class attendance form and we will share the information with our curriculum developers.

Is there a way to submit feedback to Strive about my experience as a coach?

If you have any feedback for Strive about your experience as a coach, feel free to submit this in the post-class attendance form. Otherwise, please feel free to submit any feedback directly to your main Strive POC.

If you have any further questions or recommendations,

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