Empower working professionals to find meaning, belonging and opportunity at work

We spend more of our waking time at work than anywhere else. After our partners or closest family members, our managers often have the largest impact on our lives. On our sense of meaning, belonging and opportunity at work and in life. Great managers inspire us to realize our full potential – they create inclusive communities, provide purpose and open doors. Bad ones do the opposite, demotivating rather than empowering.


Unfortunately, many managers are bad – 50% of Americans would prefer a new manager over a raise, and 65% of people have quit a company to get away from a bad manager. Most managers are not intentionally or inherently demotivating. Management is difficult and often non-intuitive. In school we learn math and science, history and english, maybe even strategy, but no one teaches us how to work well together. How to lead, to inspire, to include, to support, to have hard conversations or provide feedback that lands.


At Strive, our mission is to empower working professional to find meaning, belonging and opportunity at work. As a team, we've spent our careers at large companies (Goole, LinkedIn, Target, and Amazon), edtech startups (Minerva, Orai), education non-profits (Aspire Schools, the Arillaga Foundation) building products, programs and experiences to help people realize their potential. We've come together because we believe that transforming managers into leaders is an essential first step to building the more just, inclusive, equitable workplace and world we hope to inhabit.


Charlie Cheever

Charlie Cheever is the co-founder of Quora and Expo and was an early employee at both Amazon and Facebook.

Allison Bhusri

Allison Bhusri is the founding partner of Lemonade Capital, a member of the Broadway Angels, and previously worked at eBay and JP Morgan.

Nimay Mehta

Nimay Mehta is a Partner at Lead Edge Capital and was listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital in 2017.

Ken Landis

Ken Landis is an active angel investor and was previously the co-founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Jonathan Pines

Jonathan Pines currently directs the Webb Investment Network and was previously the co-founder of GiftRocket.

Advisory Council

Strive’s Advisory Council is comprised of C-level executives, heads of talent, directors of L&D,  and other industry leaders passionate about talent development.

Diana Kucer 

CMO, HireVue

Davina Mazaroli

Head of Talent, Google / Sidewalk

Kate Shaw

Director of Learning, Airbnb

Adele Rom

Former VP Talent at Clique, Riot.

Claudia Fulga

VP of People Ops, FiveStars

Steven Wolfe Pereira

CEO, Encantos

Rosanna Durruthy

Chief Diversity Officer, LinkedIn

Leslie Kurkjian Crowe

Chief People Officer, TripActions

Paul Freedman

Entangled Group

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Strive is headquartered in the Mission District of San Francisco. If you’re interested in joining our team but none of the roles below feel like a match, email us at hello@strive.co


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