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Bond with fellow PTPers. Develop leadership skills. Trial a new training approach.

Join a month-long Strive Circle that's exclusive to PTP leaders

Develop the Skills to Lead Amid Change Develop the Skills to Lead Amid Change

Benefits of Joining a Strive HR Circle

Network (from a distance) with a Group of Your Peers

This Circle is specifically designed for HR leaders, giving you the space to discuss shared challenges, practice new approaches together, and explore how you might apply them back in the workplace

Develop skills to develop your employees

Investing in your development not only allows you to improve your own skills but also to better support and lead your team.

Test Drive a New Learning Approach

This experience is modeled after the programs Strive typically builds for companies. It's a great way for HR leaders to pilot a new learning approach that can potentially be scaled to your teams.

Program Overview

Strive’s HR Leadership Circle is a cohort-based leadership development program that combines curated pre-class reading, live remote classes, and post-class application challenges, all completed on Strive’s social learning platform. This is a one-month trial version of a broader program Strive offers for companies.

Strive’s remote-friendly, cohort-based course combines asynchronous work on Strive’s platform with live, instructor-led classes over Zoom

SUN 10/25

Application Due Date

THU 11/5

Kick-off Session

THU 11/19


Critical Conversations, Pt. I

Heart and Backbone

Pre-Class Reading


Video Class

90 mins

Application Challenge

< 20 mins
1:1 Coaching Session
60 mins

THU 12/3

10:00A–12:00P PT

Critical Conversations, Pt. II

Staying Honest When the Stakes are High

Pre-Class Reading


Video Class

90 mins

Application Challenge

< 20 mins


Strive's pilot Circles are normally $500 per person, but this professional development opportunity is free for all PTP members.


Deadline for applications is Sunday October 25th @ 5:00pm PT. Please note that seats are limited. Acceptance will be confirmed by Monday, 10/26.

Time & Place

All classes will last ~90min. Classes are live, but remote and will be taught via Zoom video conferencing.

Curriculum: Critical Conversations

This program will feature Strive's module on "Critical Conversations".

Unresolved critical conversations can be a weight on your shoulders that ruins professional relationships and hampers key projects. This class helps you address tension directly and compassionately, so you and your team can get back to what you do best.

Strive's curriculum is develoepd by PhDs and learning experts from top universities and companies.


Bringing Heart & Point of View to Your Most Difficult Conversations

Use difficult conversations to prompt growth for your team and defuse potential tensions in advance


Staying Honest When the Stakes are High

Effectively navigate a critical conversation - High stakes, strong emotions, varying opinions

360 Assessment & Executive Coaching


Each class will be facilitated by Lisa Rogoff.

Strive coaches are approved based on work experience, coaching clients at notable companies, industry certifications, and are evaluated after each Strive engagement. Only 10% of interested coaches are included.

Lisa Rogoff

Lisa Rogoff


Lisa Rogoff is an Executive Coach and Experience Design Facilitator who partners with CEOs and executives to build high-performing teams and create inspiring workplaces. She supports leaders through customized, experiential learning and executive coaching designed to increase consciousness, build emotional intelligence, and drive individual and collective effectiveness. Lisa has worked with leaders and teams from organizations such as Pinterest, NerdWallet, HackerOne, Salesforce, Carta, Cruise, and Asana.

360 Assessment

Leadership development is a function of both skill development and self-awareness. Strive’s 360 diagnostic uses data to uncover developmental blindspots by mapping your self-assessment against a peer assessment. 

All participants will have access to Strive’s 360 assessment. Strive wants to help participants understand their current strengths and weaknesses as they begin their process of self improvement. Strive’s 360 diagnostic will help participants understand both how they show up professionally (how others perceive them) and their professional strengths and weaknesses.

Participants will review 360 results and professional goals in a 60m 1:1 coaching session with their executive coach.

360Eval-2 - Skill Scrolled

Our Philosophy

The Traditional Approach

How can we teach the best management lessons?

Traditional Approach

The Strive Approach

How can we help people change their behavior as leaders?

Strive Approach

Apply Now

In order to ensure a personal & intimate learning experience, this program will be limited to 15 seats. After you complete the ~10m application online, we'll contact you via email to confirm your seat.

Application due date: Sunday. 10/25, 5PM PT
Participation will be confirmed by Monday, 10/26

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to joyce@strive.co

About Strive

Strive helps companies build high performing, engaged, retained, inclusive teams with personalized and practical management training and leadership development.

Strive was founded in 2017 by a founding team from Google, YouTube, Minerva, LinkedIn and Amazon and has trained leaders at large companies (Pinterest, Intuit, Slack), unicorns (Chime, TripActions, Guild) and high growth startups alike.