360 Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of Strive’s 360 evaluation?

Strive wants to help participants understand their current strengths and weaknesses as they begin their process of self improvement.

Strive’s 360 diagnostic will help participants understand both how they show up professionally (how others perceive them) and their professional strengths and weaknesses.

Is Strive's 360 only for managers, or can individual contributors do it, too?

Strive offers a separate 360 assessment for both managers and for individual contributors. When you join a program, you will be opted in to the relevant 360 based on your past experience. If you think you have been opted in to the wrong 360, please email support@strive.co and we can change your 360 type.

Who should participants send the 360 request to?

The goal of the 360 feedback exercise is to receive a rounded view of how participants show up professionally. We highly recommend that participants request feedback from direct managers, peers, cross-functional partners, and, if they manage a team, their direct reports.

Selected feedback providers should be people who have sufficient exposure to participants at work and understand what success looks like for them, have a mutual level of respect for participants, and be willing and able to provide candid, honest feedback. Feedback providers should not be people the participant does not work with often, someone who will only say the nice things participants want to hear or is “out to get” the participant, or someone whose feedback the participant does not regard as valuable.

Do respondents need to currently work with participants?

No they do not. One of Strive’s goals is to divorce feedback from the promotion path. As such, we encourage participants to ask current or former colleagues if they think that person’s feedback will help them grow. This could be someone they trust, someone they like, someone they’ve had friction with, etc. The only common thread should be that this person has worked with the participant enough to have an informed, useful opinion.

How will Strive ask people for feedback? What will you say when you email them?

Strive will reach out to respondents and request feedback on behalf of the participant. We will send an email introducing them to Strive and the 360 exercise. Reminder emails will be sent out 6 and 9 days after feedback is requested.

Here is the initial email that Strive will send:

Subject: Please submit anonymous feedback about [Participant Name]

Hi [Respondent Name] –

I’m emailing because [Participant Name] is working with Strive for leadership development and requested your feedback as part of their 360 evaluation.

The survey is anonymous and the average respondent spends thirteen minutes completing it.

Please complete this survey before [2 weeks from request date].

Thank you in advance for your time and candor!

The Strive Team

P.S. You can learn more about this exercise here.

If participants want to tell their contacts about this before they get Strive’s email, what should they say?


We recommend that participants in Strive’s Leadership Circles provide context for Strive and their goals for the 360 feedback. Here is an example of how participants can introduce their contacts to Strive and the 360 exercise:

Hey [Respondent First Name] –

Hope all is well! I’m reaching out for your help gathering feedback about how I show up professionally.

I was recently selected to join Strive’s Leadership Program to accelerate my professional development. The program is a curated learning experience that delivers practical leadership skills through active discussion and ongoing coaching.

As someone I’ve worked with pretty closely at [Company], I trust and respect your opinion. If you’d be open, I’d love to include you in my 360 feedback inventory. Strive’s 360 evaluation is a two-part diagnostic that compares your self-perceptions with your colleagues’ perceptions of you to better understand how you show up professionally as well as your management strengths and areas for improvement. The exercise should take you no more than 10m and will be used to ground my developmental conversations. Your responses will be completely anonymized.

Please keep an eye out for an email coming soon from Strive with next steps.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for your time and candor!


[Participant Name]

P.S. In case you’d like to know more about this exercise, you can see an example of how your feedback will be used here.

When can participants unlock their 360 reveal meeting with their executive coach?

Participants with an executive coaching engagement will be able to schedule their 360 reveal meeting with their coach once they have received at least 3 feedback responses and once 10 days have passed since they initially requested feedback.

When can participants view their 360 results?

Participants can view their results after they have received three responses and it’s been ten days since they requested the original feedback.

If a participant will receive 1:1 coaching, they will receive an email asking them to sign up for the 360 review. Once they sign up, the results will be made available 24hrs before their 360 review meeting so they can review them independently.

If a participant will not receive 1:1 coaching, they will receive an email with a link to their 360 results and a guide for how best to interpret them.

What results will participants receive?

After both participants and their respondents complete the exercise, participants will receive their perception windows and skill map.

The professional personality positive and negative windows provides a comparison of how participants perceive their professional persona versus how others perceive them. Comments shared by respondents provide context into others’ perceptions.

The skill map compares participants’ self-perception versus others’ perceptions in terms of specific professional skills in categories like universal skills, cross-team leadership, direct management, and cross-functional collaboration.

Updated feedback
Who will be able to see participants’ results?

Only participants and their executive coach will be able to view the results. None of the respondents will be able to view the feedback. Participants’ companies (likely their own manager) can access your results if and only if participants give approval.

Will participants be able to see specific answers?

No – Participants’ feedback will be anonymized and aggregated. Any written feedback will be shown in random order. We do this so that respondents feel more comfortable giving candid, honest feedback.

Can I export my 360 results?

You can download a PDF of your 360 results using an extension such as Full Page Screen Capture for Google Chrome.

Can participants request additional feedback after results have been unlocked?

Once 360 results are unlocked, participants will not be able to request additional feedback. We do this in order to preserve the anonymity of all respondents, since it would be possible to determine a new respondent’s feedback by comparing old results with updated results.

360 results will be unlocked once a participant has submitted their self-assessment, at least 3 peer responses have been received, and it has been at least 10 days since the first feedback requests have been sent.

Can participants get updated feedback on skills over time?

Yes, once participants feel ready to get updated feedback on a given skill, they can ask for feedback from either a subset of their original respondents, or from new people.

We suggest that participants request updated feedback only once / quarter on a given skill to avoid survey fatigue.

Participants can request updated feedback on the Skill Playlist card on their “Learning Hub.”

Updated feedback
What email will the respondents receive when a participant asks for updated feedback?

You can see the email respondents receive here:

Subject: 3m request – let [Participant Name] know how they’re doing on [Skill]

Hi [Respondent Name] –

As you may know, [Participant Name] is working with Strive to improve their leadership skills. They just completed a learning module entitled “[Skill]” and after studying, practicing, and applying, they’d love your updated feedback on how they’re doing so they can properly reflect.


Please complete your feedback by [Due Date].

Thank you, and let us know if you have any questions!

The Strive Team


P.S. This survey is fast – will take <3m to complete – and high impact (microfeedback closing the loop is critical to development).

What will participants see when they get updated feedback?

When participants request updated feedback, their respondents will grade them quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitatively, respondents will score the participant on the original prompts, and managers will see how their updated scores compare to the original scores from the same respondents. Qualitatively, respondents will share when/how the participant has demonstrated improvement on that skill as well as opportunities the manager has missed to showcase that skill.

Updated feedback
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