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Thank you for submitting your feedback!

Strive’s 360 assessment is a key part of our leadership development program based on self-discovery and social learning that your contact is participating in.

How will my feedback be used?

Your responses will be used to help your contact gain a better understanding of how they show up professionally as well as their strengths and areas for improvement.


After your contact and their respondents complete the exercise, your feedback will be anonymized and aggregated. Your contact will receive their perception windows and skill map.


Their executive coach will use this feedback to develop a game plan for their leadership development.


Perception Windows

The professional personality positive and negative windows compare how Strive participants perceive their own professional persona versus how others they work with perceive them. 

Skill Map

The skill map compares Strive participants’ self-perceptions versus others’ perceptions of them in terms of specific professional skills in categories like universal skills, cross-team leadership, direct management, and cross-functional collaboration.

Personalized Skill Development

Strive participants will review their 360 feedback and will use the results to map out their personal development plan by selecting skills they want to focus on throughout the program and by tracking progress with updated feedback.

Learning Through Strive

The 360 assessment is an important part of Strive’s leadership development platform that uses community connections and live expert coaches to facilitate discovery and development.


Strive offers multiple learning approaches, allowing companies and individuals to create a custom plan to fit their needs.

  • Vetted Executive Coaches 

    Executive coaches lead one-on-one and classroom sessions to promote self-discovery and skill development.

  • Industry-Leading Curriculum 

    Modularized and customizable lessons based on problems faced daily by managers.

  • Community-learning Platform 

    Interactive tech platform where students learn with and from one another.


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