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Photos of the team in simpler, smaller pre-pandemic times

Help Working Adults Realize Their Personal & Professional Potential

The world of work is changing rapidly. Technological advances and increasing economic dynamism mean that people are constantly changing jobs and careers.

The existing model of higher education – learn for four years, work for forty – does not adequately prepare people for the modern working world.

School should serve as a scaffold to help people climb up their personal career ladder, emerging in response to our professional challenges and aspirations rather than as a separate institution to visit. Your conference room should become your classroom. Your calendar should dictate your curriculum. 

At Strive we are building a new way for people to learn together online so they can realize their full potential. We're starting with management training and leadership development, the canonical soft (aka AI-proof) skills not taught effectively in school that are essential at work. Over time, we plan to use our unique way of learning online to allow other providers to teach additional essential skills and help people realize their full personal and professional potential.


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Ken Landis

Landis Capital LLC

Jonathan Pines

Webb Investment Network

Charlie Cheever


Expo, Quora

Allison Bhusri

Founding Partner, Lemonade Capital

Nimay Mehta


Lead Edge Capital

Advisory Council

Strive’s Advisory Council is comprised of C-level executives, heads of talent, directors of L&D,  and other industry leaders passionate about talent development.

Group 4.png

Diana Kucer 

CMO, HireVue

Group 11.png

Davina Mazaroli

Head of Talent, Google / Sidewalk

Group 17.png

Kate Shaw

Director of Learning, Airbnb

Group 2.1.png

Adele Rom

Former VP Talent at Clique, Riot

Group 10.png

Claudia Fulga

VP of People Ops, FiveStars

Group 18.png

Steven Wolfe Pereira

CEO, Encantos

Group (3).png

Rosanna Durruthy

Chief Diversity Officer, LinkedIn

Group 2.png

Leslie Kurkjian Crowe

Talent Partner, Bain

Group 10.1.png

Paul Freedman

Entangled Group

Join Us

Strive is headquartered in the Mission District of San Francisco. To view our open positions, click on the link below. If none of the roles currently available feel like a match, email us at [email protected]

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