Strive's Mission is to Prepare the World for the Future of Work

The rise of AI and advances in technology are redefining what it means to work. As significant parts of people's jobs are automated, there's a need for upskilling-at-scale to prepare people for the jobs of the future.


Strive believes that employers are the new educators. They have a clear understanding of the skills needed in the future, competencies of current employees, and gap-closing upskilling needed. We enable employers to easily launch, manage, and measure internal universities.


We are starting by helping companies implement transformative management training and leadership development. Leadership is AI-proof emotional labor with a powerful ripple effect – leaders make work inspiring and fulfilling, helping their teammates become the best versions of themselves.

At Strive, we believe that great leaders are built, not born. Everyone has the potential to be a great leader, but becoming one takes work. We support people in this journey, providing opportunities and experiences for self-discovery and skill development.

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