Leadership Development that Lasts

Great leaders are built on the job, not simply in a classroom.

Strive's personalized and practical leadership training motivates participants to apply lessons in the real world, resulting in better leaders and higher performing teams.

 Leadership Development that Lasts


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A program like Strive blends the art & science of management—- the art of having every individual share & learn from each other’s management experiences & the science of curriculum development, nudging, & lasting behavior change. The future of work is about lasting skill building & learning how to learn. Strive’s methods make this possible.

Kate Kastenbaum

Kate Kastenbaum

VP of People


The Strive program is a perfect fit for what we were looking for. High quality coaching in a cohort setting with a focus on experiential learning. They have really thought of all the details so that it requires very little time on HRs part once the program launches."

Heather Houston

Heather Houston

VP of People


Our Philosophy

The Traditional Approach

How can we teach the best management lessons?

Traditional Approach

The Strive Approach

How can we help people change their behavior as leaders?

Strive Approach

Program Overview

Strive’s cohort-based leadership development program combines curated pre-class reading, live classes, and post-class application challenges, all completed on Strive’s social learning platform. The program can be conducted online, in-person, or blended.


Video Conference
Video Conference
Video Conference

Core Curriculum


Career Development




Critical Conversations


Strategic Thinking

Personalized Learning


Executive Coaching
Self-Directed Learning 

Ongoing Nudges

When the immersive learning is done, participants receive automated nudges. This spaced repetition ensures that participants continuously apply Strive's lessons in the real world.

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What Makes Strive Different?


Strive’s curriculum is developed by PhDs and learning experts from top universities and companies. Have an article you love or framework you don’t? You can customize the template.


Growth Mindset
No one is perfect, but those who can learn and grow from mistakes, shortcomings and feedback will most outpace their peers. This module will help you understand and embrace a growth mindset.
Establish and Maintain Standards
Effective leaders are able to set high standards, while keeping team morale high. This class will teach you how to keep your team motivated and engaged, all without sacrificing your team standards.
Manager as Coach, Not Boss
The best managers don't just give orders, they coach their teammates to problem-solve independently. Developing this skill will allow you to help your team troubleshoot better, allowing you to stay out of the weeds while deepening your team's mutual
Critical Conversations
Unresolved critical conversations can be a weight on your shoulders that ruins professional relationships and hampers key projects. This class helps you address tension directly and compassionately, so you and your team can get back to what you do best.
Career Development
A great boss makes career development a team priority. This class will teach you the ropes for developing your reports’ careers, while also giving you the tools to navigate performance improvement when necessary.


Managing Up
Your relationships with your boss and skip-level managers impact everything you do at work. Learn how to build more intentional relationships with your managers, how to make your work more visible, and how to develop effective high leverage relationships across your organization.
Public Presentation
Use tried and tested techniques to present to colleagues more effectively in both informal discussions and formal meetings. After taking the class, you will be able to meaningfully connect with your audience, speak persuasively, and deliver stellar presentations.
Cross-Functional Collaboration
The key to any successful project lies in the clear and effective communication of the differentiated roles and shared goals of a cross- functional team. Learn the keys to effective cross-functional collaboration and boost the performance of some of your highest leverage teams.
Leading Amid Change
Leading amid change, crisis & uncertainty is a unique challenge, both intellectually & interpersonally. In the first class participants focus on resource allocation & prioritization to ensure they have the right plan. In the second class, participants focus on how to move the team from a stressed state to a ready state with compassion, clarity & content


Vision and Mission
Communicating your vision for your team is crucial for keeping morale up. This class helps you better express to your team how your mission inspires and motivates you to do your best work.
Strategic Thinking & Prioritization
Connecting your team’s day-to-day work to the larger company strategy is key to unlocking your team’s potential. Learn how to think strategically and connect your team’s short-term ambitions to the company’s long-term growth.
Project Management
Structured project management, from inception through execution, is a vital component to a team’s success. This class teaches the basics of goal definition, KPI tracking, and effective workflow management.
Resource Allocation
Deciding where to focus your energy is the lynchpin to success on a given project. Mastering resource allocation means knowing which tasks are truly essential and which tasks can wait.
Proactive Problem Solving
As you move up within a company, your scope of work expands from executing someone else's solution, to defining the solution, to identifying the root cause problem. During this module, you'll learn to proactively identify blindspots, & bring your manager solutions, not just the problems.


Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion is frequently discussed in the world of tech, but most companies are still more homogenous than they should be. Learn how to proactively promote and foster a culture of pluralism, openness, and acceptance at your company.
Connecting With Team Members
Many managers struggle to build strong working relationships with their team members. This class will help you break through the barriers that are preventing you from developing deeper and more meaningful relationships with your colleagues.
Building Team Culture
Team culture is closely related to employee retention and performance. This class will help you learn how to proactively implement and promote a team culture that allows everyone to be the best and most open version of themselves.
Hiring is a challenge that most companies still get wrong. Learn how to use evidence-based hiring methods to make better decisions, have fewer missed hires, while costing your recruiters less time and money.
Managing Remote Teams
Remote & distributed teams are becoming increasingly popular across all industries. Managing them bring unique personal & professional challenges. Participants will learn how to develop healthy habits to maintain energy & productivity and focus on creating clear communication structures to improve collaboration & maximize team output.


Effective Delegation
The best managers know which tasks to delegate and which tasks to focus on themselves. This class teaches you how to scope projects and assign responsibilities so your team can accomplish more without overburdening managers and leaders.
Taming the Inner Critic
You need to understand your own personal hesitations, anxieties & fears before you can truly connect with and lead others. During this module participants name their inner critic, understanding why their inner critic exists, what it says & how it holds them back. They'll then transform their always-on inner critic to an inner leader.
Meeting Management
Meetings can be a notorious time waster, but it is possible to run meetings more effectively in less time. Learn leading meeting management frameworks that will both optimize your team’s time in meetings, while also making that time more enjoyable for everyone.
Effective 1:1s
Unresolved critical conversations can be a weight on your shoulders that ruins professional relationships and hampers key projects. This class helps you address tension directly and compassionately, so you and your team can get back to what you do best.
OKRs are crucial motivators and maps for achieving company goals. While most teams use some form of OKRs, not all OKRs are appropriate, actionable, or helpful. Learn how to design your OKRs so your team is focused on the work that really matters.

Vetted, Experienced Facilitators

Select from Strive’s marketplace of vetted coaches to lead programs and leadership training at your company.

Coaches are approved based on work experience, coaching clients at notable companies, industry certifications, and are evaluated after each Strive engagement. Only 10% of interested coaches are included.

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A Social Learning Platform Intentionally Built for Leadership Development

Strive’s Learning Platform is Intuitive and Engaging, Building Community & Ongoing Commitment

Data-driven & Personalized

Data-driven & Personalized

Each participant begins their learning journey by reflecting on their professional personality and leadership skills. Strive then helps them track progress with updated, modularized feedback.

Intuitive Learning Experience

Intuitive Learning Experience

Strive’s coursework is easy to follow, with clear to-dos, interactive syllabi, access to the Strive resource library, and learning playlists for every skill.

Application with Social Accountability

Application with Social Accountability

After every class, participants set an intention for how they will apply what they've learned in the real world. Their intentions are shared with accountability buddies as well as their learning cohort to ensure they get relevant feedback during their development journey.

Customizable  Curriculum

Customizable Curriculum

Buyers can choose & customize classes from Strive’s list of skills. We will work with your team to bring the program to life, making program launch and ongoing management easy.

Clear and Measurable ROI

Executives, HR and L&D leaders can track their team’s leadership development progression to ensure it’s money and time well spent

Clear and Measurable ROI

Interested in learning more? Share your information and we will be in touch soon.